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Rev. Shawn Landenwitch
Rev. Jacob Lindle

Parochial Vicar

Ashley Roberts

Director of Religious Education

our Dedicated Staff:
Amy Bihn
Connie Wheeler
Katie McCabe

Music Director

Judy Wells
Treva Schulze
Tracy McHugh
Joe Rizzo


Parish Pastoral Council:

Parish Council Update: 

As of July 1st, there will be a new combined parish council for St. Mary of the Woods and St. Patrick churches. The purpose of the combined council is to streamline the administration for our pastor with the implementation of Beacons of Light. With six parishes, it would not be helpful for our pastor to work with six separate councils. The combined council will have six representatives from each parish. Only the six members from each parish will vote on business specific to that parish. All twelve members will vote on business that impacts both parishes. 

Members from St. Patrick include;

Lisa Brandel, Adrienne Dearwester, Sara Marcinko, Noah Stolly, Pat Tynan, and Judy Weiser.


Members from St. Mary of the Woods include;

Shawn Bihn, Karen Burgel, Derreck Dillon, Dale Motzko, Barb Ternasky, and Renee Winner

Parish Choir:

Membership in the parish Choir is open to all parishioners, high school age and above. This choir sings at the 6:00 pm Saturday liturgy, using a wide repertoire of traditional, classical, and contemporary music.  The choir is also active in special celebrations of the parish.


Katie McCabe, Music Director 937-935-3531

Altar Servers:

St. Mary of the Woods has been blessed to have TEN young men come forward to enter the ministry of Altar Boy. The first investiture ceremony took place on Sunday, July 2, with five being invested.  The second investiture was Sunday July 17th with four More receiving their crosses.

PARISH Religious Education:
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