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Catholic Ladies of Columbia

Who are the CLC?

The Catholic Ladies of Columbia is a fraternal life insurance association incorporated under the laws of Ohio, March 12, 1987. Since 1941, the Home Office of this organization has been located in Columbus, Ohio. This nonprofit association is licensed to sell life insurance in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and Michigan. Membership is open to all Catholics and their families, offering them the best possible protection at the lowest available rates. As of December 31, 1993, CLC has more than 9,000 policies in effect.

Standard's Analytical Service, Inc., St. Louis, MO, rates CLC above the 25 largest commercial life insurance companies in the country in solvency, surplus funds, interest earned, assets and reserves.

The Catholic Ladies of Columbia not only offers its members life insurance at below average costs, but also offers them numerous fraternal benefits at no additional premium or cost.

Each year CLC awards twenty $1,000 scholarships to full-time college students and ten $500 scholarships
to part-time students.

  • Each baby born to a qualified member is automatically insured from age eight days to 60 days at no cost to the parent. Up until the 60th day, the child is guaranteed the opportunity to purchase permanent insurance regardless of health.

  • Insured children under age 18 are automatically provided a monthly benefit upon the death of both parents.

  • Adult members receive the Association's monthly publication, the INDEX.

  • All members are enrolled as perpetual members of the Missionary Association of Mary Immaculate. Prayers are offered at the death of each member and Councils have annual Masses for their living and deceased members.

  • A Matching Funds Program is available for members and friends who may receive identical donations from the council and association at the time of catastrophic illness or accident.

CLC regularly supports many local and national charities. They make ongoing contributions to Right to Life, assist local families in distress and contribute annually to charities such as Ronald McDonald Homes, Heart Fund, Cancer Research, Kidney Foundation and Leukemia Society. Contributions, including special monies to Midwest Flood Relief, totaled more than $15,000 in 1993.

During 1993, CLC member turned in 140,500 volunteer hours to NAFC. Members care enough to individually help those less fortunate.

Catholic Ladies of Columbia is a family-oriented organization of caring, God-loving Catholics striving to have a positive influence on the quality of life of their families and to spread this love through service in their communities.


For information about joining, contact

Brenda Reichert

President of CLC


past scholarship winners

The Catholic Ladies of Columbia are happy to announce that four of its members have received scholarships.  The Scholarship program was established as a fraternal benefit for its members.  The original awards were issued to young ladies enrolled in nursing school.  Today, scholarships are issued with no restrictions on the course of study and without regard to age or gender to full-time students.

The scholarship program provides fifteen $1,000 scholarships to competing students from four states.  Applicants must currently hold either an insurance policy or an annuity for at least three years as of the deadline, March 31.

Three teams of independent judges review each application.  They are then returned to the Home Office in Columbus, Ohio where the final tabulations are made and the winners declared.  Applicants are judged on academic achievements and potential, with consideration given towards church, community and or council activities.

Council 217 is particularly proud to have garnered four of the fifteen scholarships.  It is a testimony to the caliber of student membership in this council.  Congratulations to all!!

Pictured below are the 2011, 2012, and 2013 scholarship winners.




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