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St. Mary of the Woods Altar Servers

"My dear sons, assist at Mass as true and devout Christians, with such modesty and recollection that nothing may distract you. Let your mind and heart be intent solely on honoring God." 
-St. John Bosco

Welcome to the Altar Server Page

We hope that this page

will help you in this important work of serving Our Lord at the Altar of God. Here you will find training material to master your skills, schedule, spiritual resources, contact information, and more. Father needs you in assisting him while serving the Holy Mass, and he knows that you are able to rise up and do the job in serving Christ along side of him at the Holy Mass. 

Need a refresher? 

It is important to know your part by heart, not only for yourself but in service to Christ during the Holy Mass. Please see our training material section by clicking below

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